Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day / "Mugen"

8" x 10"
Ink on Aquabord

Mugen reference.

Here is a piece I did for Amber on Mother's Day. Mugen is more than a son-figure to her, he is an amazing ball of happiness that brings a smile to her face every day. He was also at the Vet a couple days ago and was VERY sick. I figured a portrait of him would be a fun way to show her just how much I love them both.

On the artistic side I absolutely adore this new surface I am working with. It's called Aquabord and it's a clay that has been adhered to a masonite board. It's archival and absorbs akin to watercolor paper, except there is no warping! Plus when you erase pencil from it, it doesn't mar the surface like watercolor paper. And it's already mounted to a surface.

Now I have to figure out how to make it wall-hangable without framing it. I used a mixed epoxy to attach to d-rings and tied a wire to it. It dried for 5 hours. When the gallery (a bar) hung the piece (another one I did yesterday) it was up for a short while before falling from the wall and chipping the corner of the piece. Fortunately it was a piece I had done purely for fun in a 'beer inspired' art contest, so, no great loss. Live and learn!