Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Jackalope Show

The Jackalope Show

This is a show for South Florida artists ONLY!

Submission Deadline: October 31st!
Size: 11x14 MAX
Medium/Media: Any. (except installation or performance art)
  • Pencil, ink
  • Paint
  • Photograph
  • Poetry/Short Story
  • Etc
Frame: Not required
Able to Mount: YES! (If its not ready to mount, it will be set ablaze!)

The show will be at Stage 84 in Davie. It's this neat art bar that is going to be a GREAT art bar when we're done with it!

MAKE SURE YOU RSVP BY SEPTEMBER 15TH IF YOU PLAN TO SHOW. Otherwise you will be turned away at submission.

Vaughn Reynolds
Kiersten Eiseman
Simon St Cyr
Lee Onami
Paul Caprio
Kristi Lynne
Bobbi Doll
Randy "Captain" Guerra
Nicole Sturgeon
Justine Perez
Luzalma Gonzalez

Akeim Ford
Chelsey Blanchard
Jon Hunt
Adam Milyanovich
Megan "KidUgly" Moulos
Mary O'Hara
Jeffrey Dokken
Brandy Rumiez
Brittany Smith
Andrew Avery ("Myth of a Jackalope" | "Punk-a-lop")

Christina Brown
Kelly Bennet!
("Tepper-a-lope" | "DeVita-a-lope")
Robert Felton Schilling III ("Death of a Jackalope")
Johnaily Perez ("Stormtrooper-alope")
Lorna Hernandez ("Full Metal Jackalope")
Natalia King
Arianna Veitch ("Cannibal-a-lope")
Gjorge Rivas
Leann Metz ("Mystic-a-lope")
Nakia X Mann

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