Monday, June 11, 2012

Traditional Illustration / "Time and Death and God"

Ye olde workspace.

"Time and Death and God" [Series]
8" x 10" (each)
Mixed Media on Aquabord

Figure Stock: Felixdeon (deviantART) -- Time (Ukiyo-e), Death (Ashley Wood), God (Personal)

I really like how this series came out. It was a fun experiment to do three pieces in three different styles. I decided to go with Ukiyo-e, Ashley Wood and a personal style. The hardest was definitely the Ukiyo-e, but I learned quite a bit about the aquabord surface and its absorbant qualities in regards to ink and damar varnish spray.

The pieces are based off of the imagery from a section of Chapter 8 in Brave New World and their name is derived from the last sentence, "He had discovered Time and Death and God."

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